Sunday, July 6, 2008

Through Other Eyes.....

The week has been a whirlwind since meeting Johnny Depp. I have had thousands of hits to my blog (from all over the world) and many requests for copies of the pics. I have no problem sharing the pics... hence why they were posted to begin with. I just want to know where and how they are being posted. I have seen too many pictures of Johnny posted that were used in a less than respectful way and I DO NOT want any of my pics used in that manner. Thanks for your understanding.... and respect for Johnny.

Thank you to Cat and Dharma for allowing me to post their pics!!! You gals ROCK! (and so do your pics)

I am so happy to have met both of you.... you helped make my experience all the more wonderful. I am glad that we were able to share this experience.

Cat~ Thanks for sending me the videos... ( hasn't gotten here yet, snail mail is a bummer!) I look forward to seeing them!!! You are a doll for doing that!

Dharma~ Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful pics from all of your experiences with JD and the filming of PE. And your site THE RAZORS EDGE is wonderful!!!! Thanks for wanting to include my pics!

These are NOT my pics....
De ne pas poster des photos directement à votre site! POSTE lien!
Stellen Sie keine Bilder direkt auf Ihre Website! POST-Link only!
Non pubblicare foto direttamente sul tuo sito! Post link solo!
Не разрешается отправлять фотографии прямо на Вашем сайте! POST LINK только!
No los publique fotos directamente a su sitio! Puesto vínculo sólo!

Here are the incredible pictures from Cat and Dharma!!!

Johnny stopped to say hello!
Thanks Johnny!!!!

I think he was listening to my little speech here...

And then he gets out of the SUV....OMG!

Cat gets a great screen cap of him!

Smiling at Cat

Ok... just WOW!!!

Going in for the HUG!!!!!!

Chatting with Johnny

Signing my Michelle Martin Photo
Thanks again Michelle!!!!!!

Johnny laughing about my
"my hat is bigger than your hat" comment!

Signing autographs for the little girls....

Thanks again Cat.... I love your pics!!!
I appreciate you sharing them with me!!!

Gotta LOVE the smile!!!

Looks like another going in for the hug shot!!! :D

Beautiful smile.....

Looking at Michelle's picture....

Thanks Dharma for this pic especially!!!!!!!!
What a wonderful memory!!!

Signing Michelle's Pic
I love how you can see the reflection of the pic in his glasses!

LOVE the little smile on this pic!!!

Signing Cat's Sweeney Todd book!

Signing for the little girls.....

THANKS again Dharma for sharing your pics with me!!! You got some gorgeous ones!!! Please check out Dharma's THE RAZORS EDGE website for more fantastic pictures!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and emails. It warms my heart to know that so many people have seen and appreciate "My Johnny Depp-Effect Moment" blog. So many people have thanked me for telling Johnny how many people have become friends because of him and the filming of
Public Enemies... it was my pleasure. I just said what was in my heart. I am happy to have gotten to know so many wonderful people! Especially my WI friends!!! I <3>

I wish you all a wonderful day..... yes, the "Depp-Effect" is still in full force!!!! ;)

Commodore Minxie


Lotus said...

Thanks Cat and Dharma for the pics and for allowing Minxie to post them! You ladies are awesome and the pics are, too! And thank you Minxie, for sharing with us all! Did anyone get a pic of Johnny hugging Minxie, 'cause I REALLY would love to have seen that!

~Minxie~ said...

I am hoping that the hug is on the video..... wont know until I see it. If it is, I will be doing a screen cap ( if someone can tell me how to do that!?! )

Cat said there was lots of good footage so I will see when I get the CD....

Lotus said...

Minxie (and take this well, as I intend it) you are a LUCKY DOG! But, of course, you earned it! :D

Lotus said...

So, I hope no one else had cheese curd difficulties. Yes, the live cultures/enzymes can cause some people problems. I get taken out by hives brought on by foods pretty often, but the curds didn't bother me. But then, I'm used to eating curds so I've probably built up a tolerance. How did you like the cheese block?

lawgirl said...

Love the pics!! He obviously really enjoyed his time with you. His face is glowing.

Suz said...

{claps ecstatically] YAY! YAY! YAY! Thank you for sharing those pics. I'm swooooooning!

(And smiling....)

Osh said...

Dear Johnny,
Thank you for wearing that BFC shirt so I can see a peek of your man nipple from the side. You are just the best ever. And despite what my husband says, I am not divorcing him because of you.
Love, Osh

Robbi said...

Great Blog today Minxie!!!!!

Thanks to Dharma and Cat for allowing you to post pictures...
I love them all!!!!!
(Thank You Dharma & Cat )

Hope you get a pic with a hug.

Minxie! Your kind words mean everything to me!!! Love back! from good ole wi!

Hope you all had a great 4th weekend!..

Christine said...
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Christine said...

Minxie, Dharma, Cat ~ thank you for sharing your special moment and photos with us. Johnny looks fabulous. Gotta love his smiles. ;)

Cat said...

Hey everyone...I'm glad I could share my screencaps with you all.

Minxie is an awesome woman!! Hey Minxie :) I can make a few screencaps of you hugging Johnny if you'd like. Don't know if I can get to it today as I'm gonna leave the house soon but maybe later tonight or early morning tomorrow. I know how badly you wanna see them!

Isn't the pic of him smiling GORGEOUS? That was my moment!

Blaznfire911 said...

GREAT PICS!!!! Just when I think I have seen them ones surface LOL

It has been a wonderful experience getting to know you all, and meeting Johnny. I can't get over what a genuine, nice, and respectful man he is!

Minxie you are the best!


~Minxie~ said...

Hi Cat!!! By all means! If you can grab me some screen caps of the hug!!! OMG!!! That would be awesome!!!!! THANKS!!!! Youre a doll!!!

Blaznfire911 said...

Oh and thanks to cat and dahrma (sp??) for sharing your pics with us! It means a lot!!

I am glad that you guys found each other. I was worried for a bit that southern gal wouldn't see the posts I put up on where Minxie was LOL


~Minxie~ said...

Nah... Vix.... you may not be able to read a map... but you are one hell of a navigator!!!! ;)

Blaznfire911 said...

LOL Minxie! Well I learned from the best!

~Minxie~ said...

LMAO!!!! Vix, just who did you learn from?

Cat said...

You got mail Minxie. :)

southern gal said...

Yes blazn/Vicky, you were extremely helpful and gave great directions. Thanks so much for passing along the info. I was keeping a sharp eye for your posts, to be sure! I'm glad it all worked out for everyone. I was living vicariously, don't cha know. ;)

Thanks for all the pics and stories. It was a great way to end the PE saga!

~southern gal

Lotus said...

Uh oh, looks like Minxie has some huggy pics in her mailbox!!! I'm on pins & needles.

Michelle said...

Oooh, awesome!! Love the pics. Any chance your friend would let me have the shot of Johnny signing my pic? I promise to keep it off the net, if I post about it on my blog I'll just link to your photo here.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, which picture? The one where he's signing the black and white photo? I may be able to make a better screencap of it. Let me know!

Cat said...

^ That was me, Cat.

~Minxie~ said...

Cat... Michelle is referring to Dharma's pics.....

Michelle I will email you with the details.....

Hugs pics are UP!!!!

~Minxie~ said...

Cat and Michelle, I could be wrong.... Michelle can you give me the # of the pic you want? Send me an email.... thanks love!

shakenbsis said...

Cat! Dharma!
Thanks for letting mInxie share them with us and so get a better understanding of yor special moments.
It so warms my heart the way Mr. Depp just keeps on bringing folks together!
Thank you Johnny!!!