Sunday, December 28, 2008

For My Friends.... A Look @ 2008

Just a little something that I put together for my friends.... you are the most amazing group of people and I am VERY blessed to have you in my life and to call you FRIEND!!!!

2008 has been a year of ups and downs.... it has been a year of love and heartbreak.....but the constants in my life have been my friends and the fun filled times that we have had. I wish a farewell to 2008 along with the bad.... but hold dear the memories of the wonderful times!

I look forward to ringing in the New Year and making 2009 another fantastic year or memories!!!!

Thank you one and all.... near and far for being my friends and blessing my life with your incredible spirits and love!!! I love you all!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas to all.....

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!
May your Christmas be filled with Peace, Love, Happiness and the true Spirit of Christmas!!!

The pirate tree!

What pirate doesnt have a chest filled with booty?

Or a bottle of rum?
Why is the rum gone?

The white tree
for the magic of the season...

Thank you all for being my friends....
You mean the world to me....
May you be blessed in the wonderful
ways that you have blessed my life...
and more!!!!!

Your friend,
Commodore Minxie

Monday, December 8, 2008

Third Annual Caribbean Christmas

What do you get when have a party with monsters, rennies, Drunken Dragons, alcohol and a Christmas theme?.....

You get the Caribbean Christmas Minxie Style!

Welcome aboard the ship Amardon as we set sail for the Caribben with pirates, elves, and a cast of characters that make you smile!!!

The third annual Caribbean Christmas party was a grand success! This year was the best turn out we have ever had and we only had two people that showed up that needed to be decorated.... rules: come in costume or your Christmas finest or be decorated by the crew! :)

Of course there was enough alcohol to keep everyone warm and lit all night long, great music, a 99 cent gift exchange, bon fire, limbo, potato game and of course we had our very own special Santa..... The party started at 5pm and went until 5am .... Yup, we know how to party and party hard!!!!

As always, pictures say a 1000 words......

Minxie as a SteamPunk

I made the goggles and the skirt... I was pretty proud of the skirt...

This is the famous Christmas pose... :)

First adventure of the night was having to make repairs to the gate... The Master Gunner, Lu, thought his little White Pearl was smaller than it was.... He took out the gate and half the Christmas lights in the front. Good news is there was only a small scratch on his sideview mirror. The gate and lights however, did fair as well. What do you do? Grab some tools and head on out to make some adjustments.

Whats a steampunk without her tools?

Just a few adjustments and we were good to go

It took a few of us to get it... but we did.
Gotta love my friends... they are
always there when I need them! *MUAH*

I took great pleasure in giving Lu a ration of crap all night
for maneuvering skills. It was all good!!!

The best gal pals a Commodore could ask for!!!!

Once again TruBBle looked amazing in her
outfit!!! I have to pirate that hat!

The quartermaster was in his finest.... damn he looked good!
Let the drinking begin!

And drinking there was!

Captain Jack Sparrow had his
own wench for the night! ;)

And the fun begins....

Beast looked like the Mad Hatter when he
pirated TruBBle's hat.

The Brotherhood presented the Commodore
with their "wood"! And so the games begin!

We started with the limbo..
you cant spill your drink if you fall!

Denise was our winner!

She acutally tied with LeRoy, so we flipped a coin!

They did have some flexible competition though!

Everyone is waiting the arrival of our special guest...

Santa "Claws"!!!!
Our very own werewolf Santa!
He was a BIG hit!

Time for pictures with Santa...

The Lycans snarl together!

Of course every Santa needs his elf!
Thanks Lu & Dy for bringing the Christmas Cheer!

I think the Christmas Bunny was too much for Carrie....
she doesnt like furry things!

He is the "Quarter Master" NOT the Master of Verticality! LOL

Hanging by the bon fire!

It has now become a tradition that Lady Eyes and the Quarter Master
trade clothes with eachother.... its always good for a laugh!

Party in the kitchen!!!!

As the night turns to morning...
they start dropping like flies!

And so the party comes to an end....

Another Caribbean Christmas is now down in the log book. As always it is the wonderful friends that make these parties so terrific!!! I am blessed in so many ways to be surrounded by the most incredible people, near and far!!!

Merry Christmas to all........