Sunday, December 28, 2008

For My Friends.... A Look @ 2008

Just a little something that I put together for my friends.... you are the most amazing group of people and I am VERY blessed to have you in my life and to call you FRIEND!!!!

2008 has been a year of ups and downs.... it has been a year of love and heartbreak.....but the constants in my life have been my friends and the fun filled times that we have had. I wish a farewell to 2008 along with the bad.... but hold dear the memories of the wonderful times!

I look forward to ringing in the New Year and making 2009 another fantastic year or memories!!!!

Thank you one and all.... near and far for being my friends and blessing my life with your incredible spirits and love!!! I love you all!!!!


Robbi said...

What a wonderful Tribute to 2008!
Absolutely love the video.

It has been a roller coaster of a year.
But the best thing that happened is getting to know you as My Friend!

Seems Friends are always there know matter what happens in life. And I Cherish mine dearly!
So Thank You!!!!

Look forward to having more Fun in 2009!!!

~Minxie~ said...

Thanks Robbi....

I had a great time making the video... I really need like 5 songs to fit in all the pics!!!!


Blaznfire911 said...

Awww Minxie what an AWESOME video!!! Great job! Love the ending!!!!

You have had a lot of fun it seems this year! I hope that 2009 is even better!!

It's true that we have all had our ups and downs, but I think that the best thing that has happened to us getting to know each other, and becoming friends!!

One of these days we will have to take a trip together, and make some new memories!!!!


-Sir Jack said...

Wow, Minxie, you've had a GREAT year!!! I loved your video!!!

Thanks for being my friend and "people." LMFAO!!!! It's soo cool to have you as a wonderful friend that I've never met in person. I've enjoyed our long distance talks on the phone...but one of these days we will meet!!

Here's to great friends in 2009!!
*raises mead bottle*
You're the best Minxie, love ya!!

Judge said...

I love the video Minxie girl! You are so right.. 2008 has been fabulous for friends !!

Cheers to a rocking 2009 !!

Lotus said...

Minxie! I loved it! Especially the end and watch, vicariously again, your rendezvous with Johnny! Aaaaggghhh! Thanks for being a friend!

Movie Star Wife said...

Loved it! You have me smiling. Speaking of smiles, you have a really nice, bright cheery smile in all of your pictures. Well, except for the monster ones, I guess. Tee Hee.

who'sinmybasement? said...

Commodore, the video is GREAT. I am honored to be your friend also!

Sorry it took me three weeks to get here.

Happy New Year to you and Huggable!