Monday, October 27, 2008

My Night as a Monster @ Knotts Halloween Haunt

Thanks to TPA (Theme Park Adventure) for hosting the contest that enabled me and my friend Diana to become monsters for a night!!!! You can read TPA's article about our night and see additional pictures here. Thanks to Rick West of TPA, Michelle Wischmeyer, Marketing Knotts Berry Farm, and all the monsters of the Corn Stalker Maze and all the rest of the monsters for the their support. WE HAD A BLAST!!!!!! Special thanks to Rick for allowing me to use his photos. (All photos are copyright by TPA & Rick West)

It started off as a whim to enter the TPA TERROR X2 HAUNT CONTEST. I entered it online at their website never even imagining that I would have a hope or a prayer of winning. Then one night I got a call from my friend Gina who was at Haunt for TPA night. He asked what my last name was and I asked her why. She laughed and said "They just announced the winner of the contest and it was your name!" I thought for sure she was yanking my chain. But sure enough the next day, it was posted on the TPA site. I had one a night as a monster for me and a friend, 2 tickets to Knotts Haunt, 2 VIP dinners, and 2 Haunt T-shirts. I was floored.

I have been asked many times by the monsters when I was going to cross the "veil" and work at Haunt. I always laugh and say never! NEVER SAY NEVER!

I was contacted my Michelle @ Knotts and the night and details were set into motion. At first I was told that we would probably get masks (ick), but they later decided that without a proper fit there might be a safety issue so we were going to get makeup instead! (YIPPEE!)

As always, here are the pics to tell the story.... enjoy....

Off to Knotts wardrobe to get our shrouds...
we were to be zombies

Our sweet Sugar Monster stopped by to wish us luck.

Once in our wardrobe it was off to makeup

Start with a pale basecoat

The we get the airbrush paint job

All exposed skin is painted

and the transformation starts to take form
(I look like a Smurf! LOL)

Additional colors are added for depth and effect

And another color is added for highlighting

again all exposed skin is painted

Once all the base colors are finished
then starts the detailing

And the zombie starts to come to life

Beast dropped by to show his love and support

Finishing touches

Meanwhile, Diana was getting her zombie look on

Do you think I am done ?

Oh no, theres the hair
as Lu looks on for his approval

Hey my turn for hair!

She said she was sorry for me when I had to brush it out. LOL

Diana and I see eachother for the first time....

Taking my pic for her portfolio

My amazing makeup artist, Deanna!
Thank you so much love!

At last the finished product!

The zombies LIVE!!!!

MY first look at myself!
Damn! I am scary looking!

Then is was off the maze and my darling Daughter
was there waiting for me...
She was my first scare of the night!
*tee hee*

Corn Stalkers

OH MY!!!!
We are scary!

and so our night begins in the maze....
scaring guests and having fun

I worked near the "Tin Man"
he was great!

And our pumpkin head
was a great help too!

Diana worked the front of the maze

And got some GREAT scares!

The hardest part for me was keeping a straight face
It is TOO funny watching people get scared~
I dont know why that is....

My little princess and family came to visit me
she was the only one who got a smile from me

I couldnt bring myself to scare the little ones
so I would just high five them...

Waiting for my next victim

Thanks to Lu for making the shaker can!
Thanks to Dementia for the use of her gloves

This guy was priceless....
I followed all the way out of the maze.
Later that night while on break, I saw him
elsewhere in the park and walked up to him
he screamed AGAIN!!!

Guests walking thru the maze
is like shooting fish in a barrel!

Sometimes all it took was a creepy look
and a crooked tilt of my head

My favorite was chasing them
out of the maze.

The shaker can is very effective too.

Thanks again to Rick West of TPA!!

The zombie and her friends and family
It was the most aMAZEing experience... the have crossed the veil and lived to tell the tale.... I am still asked if I plan to work Haunt next year..... I guess we will just have to wait and see....

Thanks again to everyone who made our experience the best ever!!!! I adore you all!!!!

Happy Haunting

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Knotts Halloween Haunt.... Monster Mash 2008


Well, you have all heard me talk about Knott's Halloween Haunt..... this event has been going on since the 70's and is STILL going on strong! Starting in September and running thru October the dark veil is lifted and the monsters roam the streets of Knott's Berry Farm..... it is the most fun and the world's largest haunted house!!!! There are 3 scare zones: Ghost Town, Camp Snoopy's Gauntlet and Carnevil. There are 13 mazes this year: Slaughterhouse, Labyrinth, Quarantine (for the movie release Oct 10th) Corn Stalkers, Killer CLown College, Lost Vegas, Alien Annielation, Doll Factory, 13 Axe Manor, Asylum, Club Blood, Pyromaniacs, and the train ride that escapes me right now....LOL. If you ever get the chance... you have to go!!!

This is only a small portion of the over 500 pics that I have taken so far this year... but its a good start..... stay tuned.......

Me and Bastard

Me and Lucifer (Lu)
My Master Gunner
He is losing the "game" this year...
Minxie = 9
Lu = 2
(and he scored for the first time on the 5th night!)

Not sure if this is a Ghost Town
or Gauntlet Monster.


Daddy & Jabber


My dear friend Wada Monster

Ghost Town/pre-scare Monsters

The Famous Bride
she hisses and smells like roses.

The Hangman
*1st time in 4 years that I have gotten his pic*

I captured this cool pic by accident.

Andros and his chainsaw
(so glad I conquered that fear this year!)

The Undertaker
(he is GREAT rookie)

We <3>

The Crow
(not sure her Haunt name... but she is awesome)

Uncle Mike

This face just freaks me out!

CS Gauntlet Monster

The Queen in the Labyrinth





CS Gauntlet

My friend
The Heartless Queen

The King of Knotts

CS Gauntlet

Quarantine Maze...
the talent in here is amazing!!!!

Quarantine Maze

Corn Stalkers

Corn Stalkers

Our Little Dove


Ghost Town

Sugar... NOT Riff

The Lovely Chanel

Hello Lu


Ghost Town

Ghost Town


Why so Serious?


Our beloved Dusty Geezer
usually he is funny, this night
he was scary!

Asylum Baby

Club Blood

Club Blood

The most awesome talent in the
Doll Factory

Outside the Doll Factory

I hope you enjoyed the pics.... mroe to come as I get time to load..... I am off again for Haunt tonight....

Happy Haunting......

Minxie the Haunt~arazzi!