Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Burning Man Day 5 Friday.... Critical Tits Day

Ok, Sorry, I have been pretty sick this week so I havent had a chance to update the blog.... so here we go onto Friday, Day 5.


Friday started off like most every other day on the playa, with coffee and breakfast.... but since our time on the playa was running short, we decided to get an early start on the day by going to Center Cafe for our morning Chai Tea latte and to replenish our ice stock.....

We thought it would be fun to have some fun with our Chai.... and fulfill some of our "fantasies"......

Magic was adored by two blue men!

And I was worshipped by one of my own... :)

When we suddenly saw a strange animal.....

If you look closely, it is two humans as the legs....
what a great costume!!!

Center Cafe is always got something going on
Here a man was doing henna Tattoos on women...
They were truly works of art....

So here is my artistic pic.....

After an exciting morning at the Cafe.... we went back to camp just to hang out and do much of nothing...... when all of sudden we realized that almost the entire day had slipped away from us..... we rushed to get ourselves ready for the famous "Critical Tits" parade.

This parade is for women only and is to signify that we as women should be allowed to go topless/shirtless just like men are able to do. It is a parade of protest so to speak....thousands of women on bikes ride from the Man to the Esplanade and then to the after hours party.... Of course, thousands of topless women on bikes will no doubt bring HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of men to "see" the parade. The men line the parade route at times squeezing us down to only two bike width so they can "encourage" and "support" our protest! LMAO! Yeah ok! We all know they just want to see topless women! LOL....


Magic and I at the start of the parade!
Yes, I cropped it!

At first it is a little bit of an unorganized mess....

But then things get moving....
when I get the videos up, you will see the
line of men on the parade route....

And of course, no parade would
be complete without a float!
or Pirate ship....

The women riding from the Man to the Esplanade

Yes, there were more than what you see here!

Magic and I got separated, so a kind "Fireman"
offered to take my pic....

Yes, cropped again!

Since Magic and I got separated, I decided to head back to camp and hang out.... on my I got a chance to get some more pics....

And my "cheese head" friends we well
represented on the Playa!
But I think they missed the parade.

I was afraid to ask what this was all about.

A view of the Man and the dust
created from the parade

These two were fun on the wings....

And I was able to get my pic taken again...
Yes, I added the "hearts" ;)

Art Installation
Origami on the Playa

A view of the playa

I met some interesting people on my way back to camp

And they were more than willing to have
their pics taken with me. ;)

And once again, I was able to watch
the robot move! It was cool!

Once Magic made it back to camp, we exchanged stories. She was able to make it to the after parade party that was PACKED! I am glad that she was able to do that, she needed some fun. We ate dinner, drank a few beers and then as the sun went down... we got ready for a Friday night on the playa.....

The lights on my basket on my bike...

This was one of our neighbors...
He designed and built it...

It reminds me of the Sidney Opera House
Dont you think?

On our way the playa
Once again the winds started to blow...
but not too hard

This is the "lamp lighters" camp.... one day I will
be on the playa when they come out to light
the laterns that light up the playa..

Off to Center Cafe we went.....

And ran into a faire friend, Damon
He is always dressed in such wonderful costumes!
And his body is INCREDIBLE!

Center Cafe at night....
Jumping with life!

They had a place to make your own mutant vehicle
and put it on their streets...
most of the art on the playa is interactive!

Can you guess who's vehicle this is?

Then who's would this be?

And of course, it would not be
complete without the Man

The "Wo"Man! LOL

There was some great art pieces
in the Cafe... I loved these

Also, in the Cafe, there was a "dream" room
inside was a huge canvas that had been painted.
There were little sayings etc.... and there was
a book to write your own poems, dreams, art etc.

It was very peaceful and wonderful...

And one of my favorite places to hang out...

Once again, playa time had gotten away from us.... it was after midnight before we knew it. We headed back to camp... honestly, I was pretty worn out from the week. On our way back.... I got some more interesting pics....

The "Iron" Horse....
It was amazing!

A group of bikes with glow sticks or
"blinkies" as Magic calls them.

The "Spank" Club....

And of course more Pirates....
Peace and Pirates
who could ask for more!

So this ends Day 5 on the playa.... I hope you enjoyed it...... I will get the next day up within a few days..... it will be the DAY OF THE BURN!!!!

Love and Light....


Monday, September 15, 2008

Day/Night Four (Thursday) Billion Bunny March


Thursday morning... WOW, where has the week gone.... seems like we JUST got here. We started off by having some much needed coffee and breakfast. We decided that we should go out on the playa while it was still in the coolness of the morning. We wanted to see the Man and the Temple...

I loaded up Playa Jenni and her new "friend"
Poor guy was lost on the playa and needed some help
Which she was more than willing to give him!

Magic and Minxie heading out for the Man

When we reached the Man, we noticed a crane was there. Seems that they were fixing some lighting problems...

A crane along the Man

View from the Man to the Temple

The Temple is just as beautiful in the day
as it is at night...
More details can be seen

One of the side buildings..
made all from drift wood
It smelled of the ocean
It was incredible!

The Glass panes were painted with
different designs
Trust me when I say these pics
DO NOT do it justice!

Inside the driftwood building
were little details like this lock.
The crystals caught the light of the
sun and made the inside sparkle!

View from atop the Temple looking AWAY from the
Man.... you can see more art installations
and the planes for the sky divers

Inside the Temple were many
wind chimes...
On the playa the wind blows frequently
and the sound was beautiful.
Who knew that someones trash could
sound so beautiful!

View atop the Temple towards the Man
By Thursday, the City is pretty full
and there is lots of activity.
You can see the City in the distance.

I dont do heights, so I HAD to get proof that I was
on top of the Temple!
DONT look down and its all good!

Again, the details of the Temple are impressive.
If you look, you can identify all
kinds of things...
simply amazing!

The Temple is for remembering loved ones who
are no longer with us.
For your own thoughts, prayers, wishes, dreams etc.
People come and draw, write poems, share thoughts,
place pics of loved ones etc all over the Temple.
This is a beautiful drawing someone drew!

One of a few writings that I place upon the Temple!

Outside the Temple was this
It was wonderful to lie down on the earth
and look up at the Temple and everyone
enjoying it.

This was a wonderful phrase for the front of the Temple!

The top of the Temple

We headed back to camp for lunch, and some relaxing time
and came across the HUG DELI from last year!
It was great to get hugs!
I just love HUGS!!!!

Back at camp full of some wonderful cucumber sandwiches and a couple of beers and just kicking back doing nothing! It was finally time to get ready for the Infamous Billion Bunny March!!! It is a HUGE event on the playa. Thousands of people dress up like bunnies and march from the Bunny Camp to Center Cafe and then out to the Man. This was our first year at the bunny march... we had NO idea what to expect... but off we went, ears on our head and bunny love in our hearts......

Just gotta luv my glasses!!! *tee hee*

The bunnies are VERY out spoken!
I guess the bunnies are tired of losing their feet!

Bunny Tail!

There were bunnies of all shapes, sizes and colors
I wonder what it means when you are a "green" bunny?

Minxie and Magic at the holding area for
the Billion Bunny March!
We were sworn in as bunnies!
(will have video once I get around to loading them)

Hmmm... strange looking bunnies!

This just made me smile!!!
(ok, it really made me LAUGH!)

Such a white fuzzy bunny!

The Bunny Camp Art Car
It was VERY fuzzy!

There was even a bunny ambulance!
It made sure that you had your ears, teeth and tail..
oh and carrot juice for energy!

Then to our surprise!!!
The carrots started invading us!
They protesting against the bunnies!

This carrot was quickly attacked by bunnies!
They were hungry!
Eat him Magic! LOL

Minxie Bunny need a nibble!

Hey! NICE Carrot!!
*tee hee*

A true bunny Motto!

This was cool carrot!

What can I say here...
I just had to take the shot!

The march headed for the Center Cafe...
I got thirsty along the way...
thank goodness there was water!

This talented bunny could walk and hula hoop
at the same time!

Thousands of bunnies invade the Center Cafe!!!
After taking it over for about 20 minutes...
the march heads out for the Man!

To our horror, the animal control vehicle was there
waiting for us bunnies!
It was total mayhem!
Bunnies were running everywhere trying not to get caught
and licensed or thrown in the cage!

Playa Jenni enjoys her iced chai as she watches
bunnies run from the animal control.

Bunnies scatter across the playa hiding from animal control.

As reinforcements arrive... we set our fellow bunnies free
and take over the Man!

Animal control being over taken by bunnies
retreats to the city....
HA HA!!!!
That, thats all folks!

And the bunnies take over the Man!
The flag waves in honor of
our triumph!!!

Once the march was finished, it was time to head back to camp
for dinner and plans for the evening.
Playa bike are the main way that everyone gets around
and decorating them has really become an art form.
This bike is probably ONLY ridden on the playa!

The Black Rock City sign with Center Cafe in the distance.

As the sun set on the playa.. and we were headed to camp,
I noticed these people doing a dance with umbrellas.
The way the looked against the sun set was breathtaking.
So of course, I had to stop and take some pics.

These are only a few of what I took.
I will post the better ones when I do my
"art" blog.

The lighting was perfect!

I guess I wasnt the only photographer who liked
the potential shots!

Then all of a sudden the skies were filled with
sky divers!

It was some of our neighbors from Lodie Camp

The smiles on their faces tell how much they love to jump!

As we headed back to camp... Magic played the "flamingo game"
She got her arse kissed because she couldnt get the flamingos into the bucket!
I think she missed on purpose!

This was our piratical neighbors camp!
I "pirated" pics for ideas for our own camp next year!

After dinner and some more relxation, we headed out to the
playa once the sun was down.
WOW! Who knew the Golden Gate Bridge
was on the playa?

The mobile band stand!!

The famous ThunderDome!
Mad Max style!
I guess someone had some sort of problem, because later
that night there was an ambulance leaving from there.
Hey, if you are gonna act like barbarians, then you
will probably get hurt! LOL

More art cars on the playa....
we actually got our first ride on an art car!
It was great fun. You jump on and go wherever they go!
Sometimes, you have a long walk back to camp!
It was getting late, or should I say early...
we decided to head back to camp for the night,
yes, we had a long walk back....

We ended up at about 3:00 on the Esplanade... so we got to see some
things we hadnt seen before....
When I saw this sign, I had to think about
Jack and his Mother of Pearl...
could the Pearl be on the playa?
It was worth a closer look....

I tried to interrogate this ping-guin..
but he was more interested in how the
lights in his flippers were affecting peoples
eyes! hmmm.... what kind of fish have you been eating?

I thought the Mother of Pearl was lost...
we headed to Center Cafe to get our nightly
Chai and I to my surprise....
I saw this woman with ping-guins in
I was pretty sure they had
been in the service of Chin Strap...

This was gonna take some more searching.....

That ends day four of the playa..... again, what a wonderful time is had on the playa..... I still miss it.....
Stay tuned for day five!!!!!