Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remebering 9/11

Seven years ago today... the world as we knew it changed FOREVER! Terrorists attacked our country and took TOO MANY lives in the process.

Please take a moment today to reflect on how our lives have changed and remember those who lost their lives. The innocent people trapped in buildings, the courageous fireman and police who were doing what they loved, trying to save people.

NEVER FORGET!!!!! Please fly an American Flag today to remember those who lost their lives that fateful day.... and for those who continue to fight for our FREEDOM every day!!!!!

Peace, love and freedom.........

What were you doing on 9/11? How did you hear of the news of the attacks?
Please share your stories....


~Minxie~ said...

On Sept. 11, 2001 I was in Colorado checking out of the hotel and heading to the Durango airport to fly home to Cali. As we were leaving the hotel, the news was on about the first plane hitting the twin towers. Of course at first, most reports were that it was a freak accident. As we drove the hour plus to the airport, we listened to the news on the radio. Then the second plane hit, it was then that everyone knew that this was an act of terrorism. I just knew in my gut that we were NOT going to get to fly home.
Just moments before we reached the airport it was announced on the radio that all flights were canceled and all flights in the air were being directed to the closest airport. My business partner thought for sure that we would be able to still fly home.
Once we reached the airport, we saw for the first time the acutal footage of the terrorist attack.
After some wrangling, we were lucky enough to get a rental car to drive home to Cali in. There were MANY in the airport that could not get cars.
As we drove the 15+ hours home, we heard all the news reports about the plane in PA, the plane that hit the Pentagon and the collapse of the towers. It was all VERY surreal. We were only able to see the images when we stopped for gas.

I was never so happy to be home in my life. We were lucky to be able to get home.... some people couldnt get home for days and weeks.

My business partner has friends and family in NY.... we spoke to one of his friends, KB, who works for CBS as a camera man. He told us stories of talking to someone trapped in one of the towers on the phone. The man told him that the heat was so intense that their shoes were literally melting to the floor. KB was still on the phone with the man when the tower collapsed. KB is still haunted by that conversation to this day.

Life sure has changed since that fateful day. I still fly, and am happy to endure the long lines and security crap so that we can be safe in the skies..... Life as we knew it before will never be again....

Thank you to all who fight for our freedom.... and to all those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can remain a free country.


Grinder said...

I was at work and one of the first to see the news. The rest of the day no one did any work at all. It was surreal.

The one thing I remember is DJ crying when Bush gave his first and totally useless speech - I knew we were in deep trouble.

The strange thing - nothing has changed in my life at all. The only thing that has changed is security which should have been in place anyway.

The attack brought the country together for a little while before Washington split the country into red and blue.

It was a very sad time for America on a personal level but as Americans I believe we have done a great job of overcoming and moving on. It's what we do.


But we will. It will be mentioned but the same was said about Pearl Harbor and many forget Dec 7th.

One thing I remember is I was listening to a radio talk show and someone called and said she believed it was an airliner that crashed into Tower #1.

The radio guy called her a pretty nasty name and insulted her intelligence by even thinking such a stupid thing. . . . .

That was the first moment when I realized this was a bigger event then people were thinking.

Movie Star Wife said...

It looks like you and I are on the same wavelength today. My blog is entitled: "Where were you that day?" My story is on there. Have a good day. God Bless the USA.

-Sir Jack said...

I was the first person to work. We had no TV or internet connection...just the radio. When more people started showing up at work we all just sat in the same room together listening and wondering what the hell happened! It was surreal and devastating to us all!!

Blaznfire911 said...

Thank you for putting up this post! I agree with Grinder... Always remember..never forget!

I was at work when I heard the news. We had the radio on in the kennel area, and I was hosing out the kennel runs for the morning arrivals.

One of the kennel techs came running up to me, and said that a plane had hit the tower 1. I thought that it was prob just a bad accident, but he insisted that no one would EVER fly a plane into the world trade center....even if it was an accident. He kept insisting and insisting that it was a terrorist attack.

I feel kinda bad bc I told him to basically go away, and that he was talking nonsense, but then a few minutes later he came running back in to the kennel, and told me another plane had crashed.

I thought that he was playing a joke on me, and that he was just trying to get a rise out of me. Again, NOW I feel bad. I turned up the radio, and sure enough...two planes....then a 3rd..and a 4th.

I couldn't believe it, and I started crying. I don't know anyone who was in the towers, but I did have a friend who was visiting in NYC, and I was hoping that she was okay.

I remember coming home, and turning on the news and watching the footage of the towers collapsing, and people trying to jump out of the windows. It was very hard for me to watch.

My neighbors all got together, and started handing out flags to put up on your porch, or in the yard. Everyone was supposed to put candles in their windows if you had some. Of course, I did....i am never without candles.

I remember sitting outside on the porch listening to the tv, and praying that all those people who would be affected by this tragedy would find peace in the weeks to come.

I never thought that this would ever happen. Like you have all was surreal.

I don't know why I did this.....I started an album of all the things that people around WI and the world put up in their yards, and on their cars in regards to 9/11. I thikn that I just wanted to save all the patriotic things that brought us together as a country.

It truly was a terrible thing to happen, and I hope that it never happens again. I too will still fly, but I have to admit...I get a little bit more nervous everytime I step onto a plane. it doesn't last long though.....but I will never forget what happened that day.

Robbi said...

Very Nice Blog!!!!!
"In Memory"!!!!

This is my story...
I had slept in that morning and my Room mate was screaming at me to wake up...
I got up and we saw the first tower up in smoke and flames...
Then the second tower was hit...
we thought we were seeing things,,,, but no it was real and he said...
We are under attack!

Then the Pentagon , then Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

We were sitting there glued the to TV for the rest of the day..
Just so surreal!!!
Then later you heard No Planes in the sky...
I am on a flight pattern,so you here them all the time..
But not anymore...

Then one of the Candle Companies that is right down the road from us was giving away candles for a Candle Light Vigil for later that night..we went and got some and drove to my Mom's..

Around 7:00 pm, All of the neighbors gathered in front of her house and we just took a moment of silence...
Then we laid our candles on the sidewalk...
Chatted for a bit and we went back home.....

Now and every year , on the morning of 9/11 I light a torch, say a prayer and let it burn all day and night...

I will never forget,,,,
And hope no one ever does.......

Thank You Troops!!! For keeping us safe!

Blaznfire911 said...

Hey Minxie! Just wanted to know if you have been by peg's page at all recently? She's got a great JD video on there!

I know this blog is for in memory, but during hard times we can always use a good smmile! (and we all know who can give us that smile)

Cybermom said...

On that fateful day, I was in my classroom with 28 sophomores. A colleague came in and said to turn on the TV, a plane flew into the tower. We watched and discussed, thinking it may be a pilot who had a heart attack and lost control, a suicidal person, something. Sadly, I remember thinking more of what that person in the plane was up to, and not the people who were in the tower.

We continued to watch in class, and when the second tower was hit, the room went silent. We all knew that this was terrorism. The first few hours of classes, all we did was watch. The kids came and went to their morning classes, but I knew that nothing I could teach them that day would have as much impact as what they were seeing, experiencing and feeling.

Then the towers crumbled. I remember uttering "All Hell is breaking loose", while I rubbed my belly. I was five months pregnant, and all I could think was "What kind of world am I bringing a child into? What will his life be like and how will this day forever change it?"

Seven years later, I was driving my son to school and he heard on the radio, something about 300+ firefighters losing their lives.
He was very sad and questioned how and when something like that occurred. I began to tell him gently that when he was in Momma's tummy, some very evil people wanted to hurt our country so they flew planes into buildings and the buildings collapsed when the firefighters were trying to save others' lives. He asked if the firefighters went right to Heaven because they were trying to help others. And I said yes.

He was quiet for a while and I asked if he had any questions. He replied, "What did I do in your tummy? Did I kick you?"

At that time, I was smiling and relieved that I didn't have to tackle the terrorism questions any longer...I'll take childbirth questions any day in lieu of those.

Thanks Minxie, for posting this today. I think it's a great reminder for us to put aside our individual concerns and look at the bigger picture. However, don't just do it on one day. Fly your flag daily, talk with your neighbors out on the street (even without a vigil), and continue supporting our troops, no matter what your political beliefs are.
God Bless us all and God Bless the USA.

Whosit5Casie said...

i was in my 6th grade english class and the 1st grade teacher ran in and told us to turn on the tv. we saw the second plane hit the building live and then watched both buildings go down. the tv's did not go off the rest of the day. no one really ate lunch and all we could do was sit and stare towards the airport during recess (it's about a mile away from my gradeschool). there was a church service that night (a tuesday) and by the end of the week i was so fed up with the people on the tv being so calm about it all. sad times sad times...

Blaznfire911 said...

Peg that was such a touching story!

I was well out of school when this tragedy happened, but I can imagine what it must have been like to all the kids...including you cassie and all the whoosies.

Minxie...I'm still waiting LOL