Friday, September 5, 2008

Day/Night Two on the Playa (Tuesday)

After a few hours of sleep, we started day two of the burn. The wind had finally died down and it was a beautiful day. Clear skies, nice and warm and hell, we were on the playa.... life doesnt get any better.

We started our day with some great coffee and breakfast (which was Shakes FABULOUS granola~ if you havent tried it... YOU MUST!) Se decided it was time to head to Center Cafe for some Chai Tea and to get some ice (which is usually a daily need). We stopped by our fellow Drunken Dragon Mark's camp Friendly Fire and say hello.

Mark & Magic

Well HELLO Mark! *tee hee*

Of course, I needed to don my dragon hat and my
new furry clothes! I got lots of comments about the hat!

My bike...
All decked out for the playa

As we traveled the city, we checked out different camps etc.... this one I found interesting and disturbing all at the same time.... WARNING... Foul language and nudity can appear at ANY time while on the playa or viewing pictures from the playa!!!

I just dont even know what to think about this sign!

Magic on the playa

I am sure this is the LARGEST teeter totter I have ever seen!
The only rule:
You MUST topless to ride it!
It looked like fun, but I wasnt even gonna try it!

I thought this was too funny....

We decided to travel the East side of the city and get
our "pee funnels". We had heard about them last year
but never got to get one.
Too Funny! It is simply a clear plastic cup hot glued to a clear tube
Its the simple things!

On our way to back to camp, we took
shade shelter at the BRC Radio Station
I thought this was an artsy pic...

Next to the radio station was this
lovely pink flamingo that reminded me
of Robbi!

I thought this little art car was cute
and island oasis complete with
palms, shells, tiki torches and waihini!

Magic reading the playa newspaper while
sitting in front of the radio station.

This was ONE art installation that I wish I had NOT
seen.... to much of a reminder of the
REAL world beyond Black Rock City!

This is one of my FAVORITE art installations.
Its called Spread Eagle!
It is a 30 ft. wing span and can be rotated by the
wind or by hand. It was solid metal and
simply GORGEOUS!

And of course, I wanted my picture taken on it!
Dragon Minxie takes her first FREEDOM flight!

A view of the Man's tower with the torch light
towers and another art installation.

I loved this art installation.
It was 3-D art. There was a wolf, and eagle and a gecko
and lots of masks. I wish I knew where it was located on the playa
so I could look it up....

This pic kind of freaks Magic out ~
I thought it was GREAT!

At times you find the most RANDOM and unusual
theme camps... like this one!

YUP! That is the name of the camp!

This is one of the most famous clubs/camps
The Deep End
We heard rumor that this was their last year... I really hope not.
It is always PACKED, but they seem to only
run during the day, and its just TOO hot to
dance and drink like some of the "younger" crowd does.

This art car always brought a smile to my face..
Its a couch laid across the vehicle.
But the back is what makes me smile..
I wonder why?

After our daily travels, we headed back to camp for some beer, food and relaxation. As the sun set, we donned our new playa garb and headed out for the night life......

The glowing palms were incredible.
The picture does NOT do them justice.

The famous Las Vegas
knock off sign

The art cars were lined up at the DMV
for check in and approval
It is seriously like Disneyland's Electric Light Parade
on ACID!

I wonder if I can make a call?
It was SOOO nice not the have cell phones or
communication with the outside world.

A reel to reel....
arent those things extinct?

More mutant/art cars as they wait at the DMV
We heard that there were over 600 vehicles
registered this year! I believe that is a
playa record.

We ended our night at Center Cafe (our favorite place)
and watched a large group HUG!
It seems that HUGS are really the language of MANY countries.
There people from ALL over the world who come to Burning Man!
Listening to their stories of how the made it to the playa are something to
hear for sure!!!!
This ends day two.... HUGS to you all!!!!!!!!!


Judge said...

The cubicle just looked too much like my world thrown out on the playa. AHHHHHH! Creative though.. who would have thought.

Robbi said...

I think I am in heaven, or could that be the Burn!!!LOL!!!
These pictures and the story to go with them are awesome...I am so glad you are sharing your experience with us.

Yay!!!!!A Flamingo made it to the Burn!!!! How cool...and to think you thought of me!*blushy smile*

All of the Art installations are just incredible...and the imagination that goes into all the art...I love the Rooster Car..

I can't wait for more.....

Thank's again for sharing!!!!

Lotus said...

Totally awesome, Minxie! Love the Spread Eagle and your picture inside of it was way cool! Thanks for sharing.

-Sir Jack said...

Hi Minxie!! I have to second Lotus on the "Spread Eagle." It was awesome!! Very artistic bunch out there on the playa!! What will we see tomorrow, love???? *big smile*

shakenbsis said...

Thirds on the Spread Eagle!
(the unicorns cracked me up)
The cube, AAARGHGHGH!!!!

Glad you liked the granola, love!

cranky anonymous said...

The playa just looks so amazing. Thank you for sharing with us - it's like we were there with you.

Blaznfire911 said...

Your days keep getting better and better!! I LOVE your outfit!!! I especially liked the "F-ing Unicorn camp"!!!! That cracked me up!!

It is like a whole other world it seems! I wish regular old day to day life was like that!

calypso said...

WoW, WOW, wow, wOw, many different ways can I say it?!!! Minxie your photos are so cool!! Looks like you had a blast. The F'ing Unicorn Camp is TFF!! Thanks for sharing...let's see MORE!!