Sunday, July 27, 2008

Burning Man.... the Mobile Art

The Man at the start of the Burn

34 more days until the BURN! My excitement is building.... the thought of being on playa (even with the dust) is currently driving me.

Speaking of driving, the playa has the most incredible "art cars" and "mutant vehicles". These modes of transportation are only allowed on the playa if they are fully checked out and approved. Only a certain number of vehicles are allowed to keep the impact on the environment to a minimum. The man hours and creative energy that is put into some of these vehicles is simply AMAZING! And to see them all lit up at night is well, like I have said, "The Electrical Light Parade on Acid!" I have pulled some pics from the Burning Man website .....please go and see all the others that I havent posted.....

I hope you enjoy them......

One of my Favs!

The Mask...
Note the gal in furry boots on the right side

Sunset shot for Vix!

A night the Playa is totally lit up from the vehicles
and art installations... this is the tree house

The Purple Party Bus

Yes, we have UFOs too!

This is LITERALLY a house on wheels!

Flame Blasts are everywhere

We have cupcakes on the playa....
sorry no brownies...LOL

Love the bunny slippers


The mutant vehicle parking lot
NOTE: everything is lit by its own power!

Lotus, we dont have flying Monkeys...
but we have flying pigs!

Gotta love the creativeness!

This could be from Who'sville!

And of course...
a Jack-a-lope for a certain Sir

The "rig jig" is an art installation

I dont remember seeing this one...
DAMN how funny!

Cheshire Cat

Genie Bottle

The Skull Car

Of course, what playa would be complete
without a Pirate Ship!!!

As the burn gets closer, I will be posting more pictures of the people, art and life on the playa. It is the ONE experience that I recommend everyone have at least once in their life!

Burn on..........

Commodore Minxie


Lotus said...

Minxie, flying pigs are good too! I saw the rig jig on television last year, I LOVED it. Soooo cool!

Thanks for the pics and keep pushing the excitement higher and higher and ...

Judge said...

Great photos Minxie! I love them. I can't wait to see this years extravaganza!!!



shakenbsis said...

Sounds like an amazing experience Minxie... i'm a little envious, I could use an escape, but it's not in the cards for me jsut now...

Blaznfire911 said...

OMG Great photos!!! I loved them! Now I understand what it is. I want to ride the pirate ship, and go in BOTH the shopping cart, and the egyptian thingy....they are all true works of art. It must take a LONG time to prepare them!

I am home sick today. Got the flu or something, and my voice is gone. Don't know if that is from the concert, or bc I am sick. Hopefully I will feel more up to talking tomorrow love.


Robbi said...

What Amazing Photo's !!!!
Now I am understanding it more..

Those are works of Art for sure!!!.
Can't wait to see an hear more!!!

Counting down!!!

Robbi said...

Blazn~ Hope you feel better!!!

-Sir Jack said...

Minxie, thanks for the blog today, love!! Great photos, I like the Jackalope!! So do they have a parade or just drive these creations around randomly?? Either way, you are going to have an amazing time. I really look forward to see your photos from this year's....Thanks!!

Osh said...
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Blaznfire911 said...

Hello Minxie...I just woke up. Been sleeping all day. I left my computer uploading videos all dang day, and I thought it had worked till I published my posts, and it says video temporarily I will try again tomorrow. At least I figured out how to do it.

Still no voice, and still a headache, but I am not feeling that sickly anymore. I really thought it was from the concert, but my next door neighbor informed that his daughter had strep last week, so I am wondering if that's what I got..hmmmmmm

lawgirl said...

Love the pics!!! Especially the seahorses. I would love to be there.

Vicky-I hope you feel better.

Christine said...

Minxie ~ what wonderful pics you have there. Burning Man sounds like such a wonderful event. I'm glad you have it to look forward to. I can't wait to see the latest photos.

vicky ~ sorry to hear you're not feeling well. hope it soon passes.

~Minxie~ said...

Happy Monday!!!!

-Sir Jack said...

Happy flippin Monday to you Minx!!
Thanks for gettin' my're the best, love!!

Robbi said...

Happy Monday!!!
I hope you all are having a good one!

Blaznfire911 said...

Who's back...what happened LOL

(and No I don't mean who's as in whoosits!! LOL)

Ribnik said...
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Ribnik said...

I am looking for photos of a jellyfish (with white/translucent shell with blue EL wire tentacles) art car that has a large number of bike hooks (or bikes) on the back. Anyone see this, please post!

I need help proving it existed!