Thursday, July 24, 2008

Inspiration.... What inspires you?

After reading my friend Vicky's blog tonight about what inspired her.... I sat and thought about the things that have inspired me..... lately I have been gravitating back towards photography.... unfortunately I dont have a high dollar digital only my ancient 35mm Canon. I got to looking thru my photos on my photobucket account and found some pictures that I had taken a few years back with said 35mm and thought I would share them.... I have always been an admirer of nature, so most if not all of my favorite pics are of animals, landscapes etc...... here are some of my favorites.... my apologies for the low resolution on some of them.... there are a few that were actually "commissioned" pics so I have to protect them......

my friend's Cougar... cool cat!

Commissioned portrait

The DD's dog

"The Paint"
Commissioned Portrait

"Rocky Eye"
Commissioned Portrait

Commissioned Portrait

Commissioned Portrait
Champion Reining Cow Horse

My beloved pet

"Straw Horse"

My beloved "Bitch"

"Snow LineUp"
My friend's horses in Up State NY

One of my bitch's pups

"Post Card"
Coast of Kauai Hawaii

Island of Oahu, Hawaii

"Autumn Bridge"
Peaceful Valley, CO

"Rock Waves"
Oahu, Hawaii

"Autumn Sunlight"
Peaceful Valley, CO
I hope you have been inspired by some of these pictures....

I have found that when I start to create things: pictures, jewelry, sewing, cooking gardening etc.... that it in turn feeds the creative juices and I get even more creative..... perhaps this is just what I need to help get me over the hump..... I love inspiration.... it opens doors to much more....

Thanks Vicky for being MY inspiration with your blog!
Thanks to all of you for inspiring me to be a better person!

Inspiration is all around us..... sometimes we just need to stop and look!

Happy Friday all!

Commodore Minxie


Michelle said...

Lovely photos! It probably sounds cheesy but my biggest muse is my daughter. She is just brimming with joy -- she throws herself into any activity 100%. She has no inhibitions, and she inspires me to tap into my own creativity.

Jerry Judge's Cyber Tart said...

Awesome blog Minxie! I love the photos. I'm a huge animal geek and love going to our zoo to take pictures of all the beautiful animals. There is something calming about photographing animals and scenery. I have been trying to figure out something that I can be good at... leave my mark with lateley. Perhaps you and Miss Vixen have inspired me.




Cybermom said...

Wow, Minxie, you sure have an eye for beauty. I love them!

Thanks for sharing your inspirations and being one as well! You are such a free spirit, and that inspires me to be more of one myself!

Hope you have an awesome weekend :)


PS you had asked me about what kind of camera I took my JD pics with and I never answered...I have a Canon Power Shot S3IS, which has a 12x zoom, 6 megapixel with an image stabilizer. I got a great deal at Walmart of all places for $219. I'm very happy with it and I didn't have to invest too much.

shakenbsis said...

Very, very beautiful love!
I love the horses the best, they have alays seemed to mysterious to me, and BIG! (and strangely sort of holy...)

To inspration...

Christine said...

Minxie, what a wonderful blog. Thank you for the sharing your photos and for being an inspiration.

You really do have a good eye and I hope you continue to venture out and experiment and take those photos you are most inspired to take.

What inspires me the most is nature and all its beauty. Watching the simplest act of nature such as a bee buzzing around a flower or the sound of rain against a window pane.

I agree with you Minxie, knowing what inspires us helps to keep us a float.

Thanks to Vix for inspiring you, which in turn has inspired me and others who have read your blog.

Happy Friday to all. :)

Lotus said...

OMG, Minxie! Beautiful pics! You are a photographer!!! Funny thing about the inspiration and muse discussion...Jack and I have been discussing that a lot recently!

I love ya, Minxie! You go girl!!!!

Jaded said...

Those are really beautiful Minxie.
It sounds funy but trubble inspires me alot because she never tries to hold me back and always tells me to go foor it if i want it.
And one of those humps like you're at is exactly why istarted henna and creating really helped me get over it.
Love You!!

~Minxie~ said...

Hey Everyone Happy Friday!! Another week down in the history books! LOL.

I love hearing what inspires you all..... warms my heart!!!!

Jade~ You and me BOTH! TruBBle is an inspiration to me as well..... her love and light shine thru always!!!!
Hence why she is such a great friend to us both!!! I love TruBBle!

Blaznfire911 said...

Minxie you are such a sweetheart! Although I do have a passion for writing, and telling stories, I too love photography.

I didn't really get into photosgraphy until about 5 years ago, and now I am always searching for that special "shot"!

It helps to have so many wonderful new friends on this blog, and esp seeing everyone's photos from PE! Michelle's photos have driven me to try and capture the emotions of the moment, and I am working on getting a little bit better with my photos.

Your photos from today are a true inspiration. I could see myself sitting on some of the beaches that you showed us, or walking through the forest with the sun shining through the trees. The animal pictures are darling as well. I really like the one where all the horses are lined up on the fence.

THank you so much for sharing this with us, and for saying such kind words. I think we will all find inspiration through each other, and that is what friendship truly is!


Osh said...

great pictures! thanks for sharing!

-Sir Jack said...

Minxie, your blog is beautiful...
the photos, your words, your love!

You are inspirational...REALLY!!
Inspiration is contagious!!
And I think I'm coming down with something....LMAO!! *big smiles*

lawgirl said...

Your pictures are beautiful. All of the photography have seen on these blogs has inspired me to look into photography.

And my changing middle-aged body inspires me to work out more.

Robbi said...

Your Pictures are Beautiful!
And your Blog is an Inspiration just reading it,.
Things come and things go in life,but when something sticks in our minds it makes you re-think about the subject, person or place that the Inspiration came from in the first place...
Thank You for this Inspirational thought of the day!

~Minxie~ said...

Happy Saturday everyone!!!!!

I hope you are all enjoying your day!!!