Sunday, August 17, 2008

Life on the Playa....

Life on the playa can be harsh at times. The extreme weather conditions can range from heat of over 100 degrees to thunder/rain storms to dust storms that can last for hours and leave you in a total white out! You must be self reliant and drink plenty of water and make sure that you eat healthy to help you survive in this sometimes harsh environment. Other times, the weather is very pleasant and the evenings cool and inviting.

There is ALWAYS something to do.... literally 24/7! You can get a massage, do yoga, dance, have a coffee, join the multiple parades, enjoy food and music and live entertainment, meditate, any thing you can dream of is probably happening somewhere on the playa.... all you have to do it look for it or ask about it....

The main attraction to Burning Man for me is the total freedom and love that you feel when amongst the 47,000 (last years count) people. Everyone is friendly, kind, giving and totally into having a great experience. Honestly, the entire experience is somewhat surreal. And re-entry back into "civilization" can really be a bitch!

Here are some pictures that I put together to show you what life on the playa can be like......I hope you enjoy them!

Our camp last year....

Mother Nature blessed us with a
double rainbow that stretched
across the entire playa

Dust storm heading into Black Rock City
this one lasted about 2 hours plus

Total white out can happen during the
dust storms

An aerial view of the EXODUS
At times it can take up to 4 hours
just to leave the playa

Last year the man was set on fire
by arsons. They had to completely rebuild the
man to be properly set on fire at the end of the week.

A great shot of the Esplanade as the sun goes down
and the lights come on!

Step back in time and head for the roller disco!

One of the many fire shows that go on during the week

This is the crowd gathering around the
art installation:
Crude Awakening
There is another pic later on that shows the
incredible explosion!

One of many theme camps around the playa.

Domes and teepees....
anything that can provide shelter is used

And decorated!

Here is the explosion from the art installation
Crude Awakening....
The "people" you see in the pic are
actually part of the art. They are metal people that stand over 30 ft tall.

A view of the Martini glass over looking
Black Rock City

Theme camps are everywhere...
come on by, have a drink, dance or just hang out

Bikes are a MUST on the playa
from one end to the other is over 5 miles...

Dance... .dance..... dance....

Sunrise ceremony at the temple

Another pic of the rainbow...

There are even pirates on the playa

Aerial view of Black Rock City
Population: 47,000 +

The Temple of Forgiveness
as it burns

A closer look at the "roads" of the city

Miniature Golf anyone?

LOVE to watch the fire dancers

Wouldnt it be nice to have a Hug Deli
down the street from your house?
Get your hug with a side of back scratch!
and its FREE!!!!!!!

The skies are even filled with
some sort of art as the gliders
fly into the city....

The start of the rainbow
over the Lotus flower

And interesting view of the camping

One of my faire friends, Damon
He is always a hit anywhere he goes!

One of the metal people from the Crude Awakening
Yes, it was HUGE sparks of electricity
It was amazing!

More fire dancing

Night time on the playa
Palm Tree bike parking

This is a MILD case of playa dust after a
dust storm


Have a great week everyone!!!!



Robbi said...

6 More Days!!!!
Your pictures get better and better as we count down....
The experience has just got to be unbelievable.....
I can't wait to hear about it this year when you get back...

I just love looking at the photo's!!!

Jaded said...

I am sooo jealous!! I wish I could go with youguys. maybe one day, when i win lotto.
Have a great time! The break will do you good!

Christine said...

absolutely wonderful photos!! thanks for all the explanations of the photos. I am totally in awe of the whole event.

47,000 people...that's a town in itself.

from your descriptions & photos I can see why you are so excited about going there & being there.

Can't wait for your after event post.

-Sir Jack said...

Lucky you, going to the Burn! 6 more days I'm going to Chicago for a week. But, I think I'd rather go to the BURN for a massage, do a dance or two, stop by the Hug Deli for a hug & back scratch, ride my bike around the Playa, watch for rainbows, take photos of everything and be free!

Judge said...

WOW! Just wow!

Can you send us some Hug Deli coupons???

I can't wait to see your pictures from this year! You are going to have some well deserved fun my girl!

shakenbsis said...

I'm thrilled for you Minxie!

Be looking for a package (will depart Beloit Tuesday am) for your journey! ;)

Robbi said...


5 More Days!!!!!!

I am keeping up your Count Down!!!

I am so excited for you!!!

Have a great Monday!

calypso said... have you been keeping track of the BURN countdown in HOURS? LMAO I'm so excited for you!! Can I be a stowaway???? *on knees begging*