Sunday, June 22, 2008

Brother its hot...... cool pool!

Welcome to Sunday....I hope you all are enjoying your day doing what makes you happy.

Here in Cali we are in yet another day of triple digit heat!!!! Currently it is about 102 degrees!!! YIKES!!! The weather man says we will start cooling down... yeah right, I know the mid 90's is cooler but that is still pretty darn warm... Due to the recent heat wave, I decided to put up a pool to help keep my daughter and me cool.... With the help of my wonderful neighbor and his back hoe, we were able to level off an area in my driveway. I am surrounded by nothing but DIRT (decomposed granite-which is as hard as concrete!) so this was an easy task with the help of the back hoe. We had to tear up and then put back the dirt... level it and then rake the rocks etc out of the way.... set up the pool, fill the top tube with air and then fill the pool itself.... we now have an over sized wading pool complete with floating raft and noodles!!!! The whole thing (including the pool filter) for about $100 at the local Big Lots (formerly known as Pic n Save). Now lets hope nothing punctures it!!! LOL

One of 5 wheelbarrows filled with
heavy rocks to be hauled out.

It took over 5 hours to fill and who knows
how many gallons of water

And viola' we now have a HUGE wading pool in our driveway
I hope it survives the summer at least!


Brother @ the Irish Festival

It was a HOT day in Irvine at the Verizon Ampitheater. Brother was scheduled for two shows and we made it to both of them. The first show had a really late start as they were having sound issues (new sound guy?). There were lots of people there and we had a blast. I felt like such a papparrazi with my little camera taking pics right up close.

Brother is a 3 man band with Angus (vocals, guitar, bagpipes, flute, percussions) Dalbo (drums, percussions) DidgeriDrew (didgierdoo, keyboards) You can see their website here. They rock the house!!! We will be seeing then again next month when we attend the Labyrinth of Jareth. If you have ever seen the movie Labyrinth with David Bowie and Jim Hensen's muppets... then you will know what the ball is all about. It takes place during the dream sequence.... it is a great time and the costumes are AWESOME.... ok, I got side-tracked.... back to Brother...

Angus opens the show with the didgeridoo
the sounds it makes are really neat!

DidgeriDrew joins in

Together they makes some pretty great sounds!
While Dalbo is banging away at the drums

Angus fronts the band....
he is so talented!

Helping Dalbo out on the drums!

I love this pic...
Anugus pointing at Drew

Then he breaks out the pipes!!!

The crowd is getting into it!

Who would have thought that bagpipes
would sound so cool in a rock band!

I still dont understand how the thing makes those noises!

Dalbo glances at me with a smile!

Great beat going on here!

The band at their best!

Ok, I had mentioned that there was this gal there and the moon was out as well.....

LOL..... this is the gal... her kilt was WAAAAAY too short and she was the only one on the dance floor dancing her heart out.... but.... everytime she swung her hips... the kilt would fly up and everyone got a glance at her ARSE!!!! The crowd was laughing and taking pics... but she just kept going.... I guess she didnt know.... finally some one took pity on her and walked up to her and let her know what was happening.... she promptly pulled her kilt down lower and just kept on dancing.... only in Cali!!!! The saving grace was that at least she had on underwear, though they were harder to see than her booty!!!

It was a great show! I got to video tape their entire song Photograph ! Its about 5 minutes long, so I hope to get it loaded at some point.... IF you ever get a chance to see Brother, please do... you wont be disappointed, no matter what kind of music you listen to.... I am sure that you will enjoy them!
Ok, now on to the Irish Festival itself...... here are some great signs that caught my eye.... I will have more tomorrow with the "Stick Crew" and the hunt for Chinstrap and the Mother of Pearl....... stay tuned.....

Thats all for now.... enjoy your Sunday......


PS.... Just saw this video on YouTube.....its from WICowgirl... Thanks for posting it!!! I believe this is from Chicago on Friday morning.....


Rachel Judge said...

Hey Minx -

Great photos! Looks like you are having a fun, but hot time out there. Stay cool... as you always do, and keep having fun.

Hugs from the Dairy state...


Blaznfire911 said...

Looks like you had a GREAT time! Brother looks awesome!!!

I had a Depp withdrawl today, so the video makes me feel better LOL (kinda) Now I wanna go see him again. he looked so happy, not as rushed as he was when we saw him.

I will be back later on today. Gotta cook and clean YUCK!


~Minxie~ said...

Hey Rachel.... thanks for stopping by!!! Yeah, its hot here, but we are staying cool thanks to the pool and the A/C!!!

I was just looking at all the great pics Becky got (we are myspace friends now!) What a great time!!!

Hey Vix love.... ha ha ha I should be cooking and cleaning, but I am just gonna sit on me ARSE today!!! Too hot to do anything else!!! =0P

shakenbsis said...

Hi ya Minx!

I LOVE the didgierdoo!!! They sound like an amazing band can't wait ot check out your video when you get around to it! ; )

Great job on the pool, woo hoo! Have you been in it yet?

Blaznfire911 said...

Hey, in the star magazine today, it says Johnny got married yesterday. I thought his publicist said there were no truth to the rumors


~Minxie~ said...

Oh maybe thats why his family was in Chicago.... maybe they all flew to Aruba for a quickie ceremony and honeymoon..... LMAO!!!

Blaznfire911 said...

LMAO that's what I thought as well...who knows...good for him if he did, but I doubt it.

Wouldn't you think they would wait till after's just tabloid talk I bet.

~Minxie~ said...

Yeah.... I think JD and Vanessa have made their stance pretty clear about marriage.... they already feel as though they are married (per both their words)....
Stupid tabloids can really just make you crazy.....

I am going for a dip in the pool.... will be back soon.... if I dont drown in 2 ft of water!!! =0P

~Minxie~ said...

Boy that pool is SWEET!!!!!!

Should have gotten one years ago!!!!

Cybermom said...

Hey Minxie,
Glad you're finding a way to cool down! Well worth all of the work.

Thanks for the great pics and interesting stories. Something I don't get to see every day...Ok, but the short kilt...didn't need to see that. HAHA LMAO

Happy (and cooler) days ahead for you!

~Minxie~ said...

Peg, thanks!!! The pool is great!

I LOVED your video!!! The jogger was a special bonus!!! I couldnt make out exactly what he said... but Johnny seemed to get a laugh from it as well. Do you remember what the jogger said?

Cybermom said...

The runner said "Holy Sh*t" or "Oh Sh*t" when he just glanced up and saw Johnny. JD got a good chuckle out of it too!

Rachel Judge said...

You gotta love the tabloids. Sometimes, very rarely though, do they get things right. Whatever JD and Vanessa do, I wish them nothing but happiness.

Pool party at Minxie's!!!!

calypso said...

Rachel--don't say "pool party at Minxie's" too loud...Sir Jack's ping-guin friends may show up. LMAO

Minxie--I'm glad you're keeping cool in all that heat!! Ugggh.
Your pool looks very inviting :)
Your pixs of the band are great!! Are you a pro photographer or what?

~Minxie~ said...

Sorry for the lag guys.... my stupid laptop had a nervous breakdown!!! LOL.... too many tabs open I guess....LOL

Thanks Peg, I thought thats what he said, but wasnt sure if I missed anything else.... I cracked up at JD.... he was laughing too!!

hey... pool party sounds great to me!!! Are you all still getting rain?

Calypso... how are you? LOL.. thanks for the compliment.. but I took those on my little Sanyo digital.... I wish I was a pro... I LOVE photography. I have my 35mm, cant afford the "good" digitals yet.... some day! ;)

calypso said...

Minxie, Yikes! No fun when your laptop freaks out.

I'm sure your photos always look fantastic no matter what camera you use! I'd like to get one of those "good" ones too...someday:} I really like photog too. It's near the top of my list of faves.

Osh said...

I love the jogger video!

~Minxie~ said...

I wish I was better at photography.... I admire Michelle's work!!!

Hi Osh!!! wasnt that video great!!!

calypso said...

I loved the reaction in the video from one of the people in the crowd...wished she thought of that...WTFF.

Osh said...

oh, Michelle takes beautiful photos...she is amazing

calypso said...

I saw her Flicker photos of PE... great shots. She's got the eye for it!

~Minxie~ said...

Michelle's photography is AMAZING!!!!
I wish her all the best in her photography endeavor!!!